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Intricate oil and gas distribution networks transporting high pressure, inflammable, and hazardous products run through hundreds of thousands of kilometres across the world. The sheer vastness of these networks makes their physical governance, control, and security extremely challenging. Oil and gas majors need to strategically plan and manage logistical regulatory constraints. Pipeline operators must monitor every segment of the network for intrusion, damage, leakage, pilferage and loss due to natural or man-made calamities. With pipeline safety becoming a major concern and regulated pricing becoming the industry norm, the need for efficient leak detection and monitoring, as well as optimized pump and compressor management is amplified.

To meet these challenges, you need solutions that help you reduce leakages while minimizing risks and operating costs. APL Pipeline Simulator and Leakage Detection Solution helps you improve efficiency, minimize loss due to leakages, facilitate operator training and enhance operational capabilities .

Amines & Plasticizers Limited (APL) has been serving the oil and gas industry for over three decades by providing gas treating solvents like MEA/DEA/MDEA and MDEA based Specialty Solvents for removal of H2S, CO2 and other such undesired gases. The above products manufactured and supplied by APL are supported with necessary backup by way of Technical Services like Simulation, Analytical Services, and Trouble Shooting etc.

Taking a cue from the Oil & Gas Industry to provide safe transportation of products like Oil, Gas and petroleum products, APL through its subsidiary, M/s. APL Infotech Limited has sponsored a major project with the Piping Engineering Cell at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, (under the guidance of Professor Arun. S. Moharir) for development of a software known as PAnORaMA* (Piping Analysis, Operations Research and Maintenance Application) for supporting the entire business requirements of Pipeline operations, including Pipe Leak Detection, training simulator, SCADA System and commercial support software (including line pack and shrinkage calculations).

This has helped the academics at piping engineering cell at IIT Bombay to implement a decade long research in the real world, and transfer a theoretical idea into a world class practical project called PAnORaMA.